Welcome to Opportunities Speech and Language Therapy Services


Opportunities Speech and Language Therapy was set up by Martin Limb, a Speech and Language Therapist,  and UKCP Registered Psychotherapist working with adults and children.  Martin has been in Independent Practice for 8 years, and  has over 27 years experience working as a therapist for the NHS.




Martin provides services within a 40 mile radius of Ipswich, Suffolk, though further distances are negotiable.

Philosophy of Care:


Everyone referred receives a full assessment of communication needs, and where problem areas are identified, therapy goals are set in collaboration with that person and the family and/or carers. Assessment can take from one or three sessions, and may involve informal observation and play with the child as well as more formal methods-- the use of standardized tests and assessments. 

Martin considers it essential to take a holistic approach, in order to enable the child or adult he is working with  to move forward; being helped to develop and use new  skills effectively across a range of settings, and achieve a feeling of success when communicating with others. From the very outset, family, school, and other carers where appropriate, are all actively involved in the process of therapy, and therapy is carefully adapted to the needs of the individual child.

His approach is strongly child centred. As a speech and language therapist, he uses the same values as those  which underpin his work with children who are suffering from anxiety and distress. This  means that he will strive at all times to fully involve the child in therapy; promote self-esteem; and make therapy an enjoyable and rewarding experience, in order to help the child to feel genuinely valued as an individual, whatever his/her difficulties with communication.

Martin is also actively involved in promoting this philosophy across all the places in which he works in East Anglia.

Children from pre-school to school-leaving age are seen, and also adults with learning disabilities.

Children and Young People:

Dependent upon the child's particular needs, therapy can be provided in the school or nursery setting, or in the home environment, or in both. Training  can also  carried out around the needs of a particular child, and more general training can be offered in collaboration with Mrs Susan Foster, Speech and Language Therapist, of www.GoodTalking.co.uk

Dependent upon need, services provided are:

·         Assessment


·         Individual Therapy; this can be from 30 to 60 minutes in duration;


·         Consultation and advice ( this may mean written programmes for use at home or in school, along with school visits to ensure that all staff involved with a child are aware of his/her needs and have the knowledge to carry out therapy recommendations).


·        Specific training for staff in schools, group homes or centres etc., around the needs of an individual child


·        General  workshops and training in communication, including specific areas of communication difficulty, and 'Total Communication' training.


·         List'nTell Live Inclusive Storytelling.


·         Makaton Signing Workshops ( Martin is an accredited Makaton Regional Tutor)


      Children  who are regularly referred include those who have:

·         Problems with speech articulation and pronunciation


·         Fluency problems (stammering or  stuttering; cluttering )


·         Problems with delayed or disordered language


·         Children and adults with learning disabilities


·         Children with autistic spectrum disorder


·         Martin has a special interest in both children and young people, and adults who have challenging needs and/or mental health problems.